This site is about resourcing a revolution – a relationship revolution [relavution]

RE:THINK | Faith&Theology need a Relationship-Revolution
RE:LATE | Our relationships need a God-Revolution
RE:MODEL | This world needs a Love-Revolution

Our goal is to write articles and create material to fuel this relational view that we believe is the centre of the biblical message. Besides our own contributions we aim at gathering articles, videos, podcasts from a variety of authors that further our vision.*

*We value those contributions. This does not mean that we agree with everything the authors write about, stand for or live by. However, we believe in learning from all kinds of traditions, theological backgrounds and walks of life!

Who is behind this?

My name ist Michael Berra. I am Swiss, a husband and father of two. I am also a pastor in a large church near Rapperswil. Since university, I have been concerned that faith, theology and Christianity are essentially about relationship. Starting with the relationship between God and humans. From there to interpersonal relationships and the world as a whole. It runs like a golden thread through my life and I always come back to it. It’s easier and better than we think…

I have a PhD in systematic theology from London Bible School (Middlesex University). My thesis combines the approach of the Swiss theologian Emil Brunner with findings from relationship science. Its title is: “Towards a Theology of Relationship” and is published with Wipf&Stock/Pickwick:

Book: Towards a Theology of Relationship

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