Systematic Theology Biblical Theology Book

Review: The Love of God

Conclusion: An important and balanced contribution to the ongoing debate about the nature of the God-human relation. I stumbled across the author of this book, John C. Peckham, through the Premier Christian Radio Podcast and I must admit, I truly enjoyed reading this work. It proposes a third, alternative way to two prominent extremes: a […]

Systematic Theology Philosophy Basics Book

Review: Truth as Encounter

Conclusion: Brunner’s Truth as Encounter with its leitmotif of relationship should be rediscovered by theology and the church. Admittedly, this is a very old book. It does not look very attractive. It’s author is not as widely read anymore. However, I believe that this book is of utmost importance expecially for our times; even more […]

Apologetics Systematic Theology Book

Review: The End of Religion

Conclusion: A profound yet easy read with explosive potential! Before I read this book I did not know much about Bruxy Cavey except for his retro-wild hairstlyle and that he is Canadian and appeared quite trendy in progressive Christian circles. The title of the book then seems almost stereotypical by being subversive (oh yes, it’s […]