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Review: The End of Religion

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Conclusion: A profound yet easy read with explosive potential!

Before I read this book I did not know much about Bruxy Cavey except for his retro-wild hairstlyle and that he is Canadian and appeared quite trendy in progressive Christian circles. The title of the book then seems almost stereotypical by being subversive (oh yes, it’s in there…) and revolutionary (so we should like it…). One could think that Bruxy Cavey writes mainly against established Christianity (yes, he does that, too) and promotes a wishy-washy trendy spirituality…

Admittedly, the words he is using might appear like that but the content is not. His theology is solid (read the footnotes!) although not everyone will agree. His writing style, his illustrations and the whole reading experience is pleasant, he is funny and deep at the same time and one feels that it is not just hot air, but that his thoughts are backed by a pastors life caring for and loving his flock (also the extended one and the sceptics he is reaching through this book).

Two things stood out to me:

  1. The core of what he promotes is that religion is a dead end and was never God’s intention. It was always about an intimate relationship between humanity and God (as with most authors he could have defined this relationship a more extensive). What Bruxy promotes is not mainly anti-religious, but pro-relationship – a relationship revolution! Obviously, we love this since it is our declared focus and the reason for this website.
  2. While the title, his language and the overall impression might give the impression of an extreme or lopsided approach, the opposite is the case. Bruxy is very balanced (again, read the footnotes!). For example he even has a place for “religion” and rituals – simply relationally redefined.

Some Quotes

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